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Black Basalt Boulders
Western States quarries shipping bulk throughout California. Palleted material anywhere in the USA is also available.

Black Basalt Boulders are a stunning addition to landscape designs, showcasing their unique charm and versatility. These boulders belong to the igneous rock category, originating from volcanic activity and boasting a rich black color.
Their smooth and sleek texture adds a touch of modern elegance to any outdoor space. Black Basalt Boulders can be used in various landscaping features, such as focal points, in water features, border accents, or natural seating areas. Whether arranged individually or in clusters, they bring a sense of boldness and sophistication to the landscape.

These boulders perfectly complement both contemporary and traditional design styles, creating a captivating visual impact that leaves a lasting impression on visitors. With their striking color, smooth texture, and versatility, Black Basalt Boulders is a remarkable choice for adding depth and character to any landscape project.

Black Basalt Boulders