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TurfStone Paving Stones
Turfstone Concrete Grid Pavements are perfect for greenbelts that double as roadways, overflow parking, and fire access lanes. Turfstone pavements with established grass promote lower local air temperatures and substantially reduce stormwater runoff.

Turfstone’s grid pattern allows grass to grow while protecting the root system from compaction by vehicular traffic. It is ideal for greenbelts that require occasional vehicle use such as overflow parking and fire access lanes. Turfstone pavements with established grass reduces stormwater runoff and lowers the reflected temperatures associated with impenetrable surfaces.

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Gray TurfStone Pavers - Driveway pavers Gray TurfStone Pavers

Shipping in bulk throughout California, Reno and Las Vegas Nevada,
and Arizona. Material shipped on pallets.

Price Per Pallet $554.99
Inflation Fighter Sale $454.99
Savings: $100.00
TurfStone Paving Stones